• What can go into the Pulpmaster machine?

    Most liquid and solid food waste can go into the Pulpmaster 5000 machine. This also includes various organic liquids such as cooking oil, gravy, milk, soup and juices. Please note – liquids placed in the machine must not exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

  • What food waste cannot go in the machine?

    The food items which may not be placed in the machine are oyster and mussel shells, corn husk and pineapple tops. The reason for shells not being able to go into the Pulpmaster machine is because it grinds up into sand which overtime will build up and block the pipes. The reason corn husk, pineapple tops and lemon grass can’t be processed is because this material is very fibrous and if put in the machine it will form a hairball like product which will get caught in the chamber resulting in a blockage, stopping all other food waste from being processed.

  • Can paper go into the machine?

    The Pulpmaster is intended to be used for food waste disposal only. However, small quantities of organic paper such as soft hand napkins can also be processed by the machine.

  • What happens if cutlery goes into the machine?

    Unfortunately cutlery can be damaging to the machine. However, more often than not, if a knife or a fork jams in the machine it is fairly easily removed. If something, be it cutlery or something else jams the machine, an error will appear on the LCD display screen reading ‘grinder obstruction’. If this message appears on the display screen then you will be required to empty the chamber and either free the obstruction yourself, alert the appropriate person responsible for the machine or you can contact the Pulpmaster office and we may send out a technician to fix the problem.

  • Can bone be processed by the machine?

    In a word, yes. Although large quantities of heavy bone at one time can be very noisy and time consuming. When processing bone it is recommended that it be processed along with some sort of soft waste placed below and above the bones, this will help assist keeping the grinding action at a very low noise level.

  • Can wooden chopsticks and paddle pop sticks go into the machine?

    As with the paper, it will not be detrimental to the machine if small quantities end up being processed along with other waste. However, it is not recommended that anyone purposely processes these items in large quantities.

  • What happens when the tank is full?

    When the tank reaches full capacity the machine will not allow you to perform anymore cycles. On the LCD display screen you will notice that the tank level is displayed as a percentage. When the tank reaches 80% the machine will notify Pulpmaster head office via SMS. This allows for the scheduling of a tank pump out. If the tank reaches 100% the machine discontinues operation and the LCD display screen will read ‘Tank Full’.

  • Is user training provided by Pulpmaster?

    Pulpmaster provides the initial training sessions for the operators of the Pulpmaster 5000 and also for facilities staff if required. The operating instructions are also provided in written form along with laminated instructions (that can be placed on a wall near the machine) and listing with images of the types of food (both solid and liquid) that can be processed through the Pulpmaster 5000.

  • How much food waste can the Pulpmaster 5000 process in a cycle?

    The Pulpmaster will process 70 litres of food waste in approximately 30 seconds. The machine has electronic loading sensing and will stop a cycle as soon as the last bit of food waste had been processed. Also, the Pulpmaster 5000 has an ‘Automatic Cycle’ option, which means that when the cycle is completed the door will automatically open.

  • How much water does the Pulpmaster use?

    The Pulpmaster 5000 has a fine water mist delivery system that can assist in the processing of the food waste, however the amount of water needed is quite minimal, therefore, the Pulpmaster 5000 machine has variable water control settings. This means that the water content can set as low as nil or as high as 2 litres per minute depending on the type of food waste.

  • Is the Pulpmaster System expensive and time consuming?

    The Pulpmaster system is very cost effective, efficient and can help you save in many ways.

    • Food is very heavy product and when it is being taken away in a general skip bin the cost is based on weight which keeps your pick-up costs very high. Our Pulpmaster system is a much cheaper process due to the fact that zero waste goes to landfill.
    • It reduces the amount of plastic bin liners that need to be purchased.
    • It improves time management for staff due to the fact that they aren’t focusing most of their time on kitchen waste removal, which enhances OH&S.
    • Less cleaning and maintenance as the machine is fabricated in stainless steel, so it will be rust-free, won’t attract vermin and won’t become a bacteria breeding ground. It also has a splash guard and washes itself at the click of one button. It greatly improves labour efficiency.