Pulpmaster 5000

Pulpmaster 5000

Pulpmaster is a food waste management system that will solve the food waste challenges of many businesses. The Pulpmaster 5000 food waste recycling system is a cutting edge solution for the recycling of food waste in commercial food business’. The Pulpmaster 5000 is approximately the size of an average washing machine and allows easy separation of food waste for recovery as a clean source for organic compost and/or for electricity generation through anaerobic digestion.



  • Fabricated from stainless steel for durability
  • Organic solid and liquid waste cycles
  • SMS back to base communication
  • Tank level on LCD display
  • Tank level SMS message sent via email
  • All functions continually monitored
  • All mechanical functions in the machine
  • Category 4 safety rating
  • Splash guard
  • Automatic lid
  • Emergency stop button
  • Wash flexi hose

The Purple Caddy System

Pulpmaster has introduced the Purple Caddy System to make it easier for our customers to collect their food waste so they aren’t constantly walking to the machine if their prepping bench is not close by.

Our customers love this system because it improves their time efficiency, makes it easier to place the food waste in the machine and helps keep the benches clean and clear as they aren’t having to leave off cuts/food waste on the benches until they make a trip to the machine, it just goes straight into the caddy and straight into the machine. The striking purple colour is not only makes it easier for staff to find the caddy’s in the kitchen, it is also the official national standard colour for organics.