Who are we?


Pulpmaster is a food waste management system that will solve the food waste challenges of many businesses. The Pulpmaster 5000 food waste recycling system is a cutting edge solution for the recycling of food waste in commercial food business’. The Pulpmaster 5000 is approximately the size of an average washing machine and allows easy separation of food waste for recovery as a clean source for organic compost and/or for electricity generation through anaerobic digestion.

The development and journey of the Pulpmaster Organic Waste Recycling System commenced in 2004. When Noel Mancuso identified numerous opportunities for the recycling putrescible waste but found limited opportunities for diverting food waste from landfill. The Pulpmaster 5000 food waste recycling system is the result of 7 years of intensive development and field testing to provide a new solution to this challenge.

Since 2005 Pulpmaster has been progressively rolling out the Pulpmaster 5000 food waste recycling machine to various businesses that generate commercial quantities of food waste. The types of businesses that have enjoyed the benefits of this cutting edge technology include Tafe and University hospitality teaching colleges, clubs and pubs, nursing homes, fruit markets, corporate canteens and restaurants.

The Pulpmaster system is patented product/process in most major markets in the world. The system is clean, efficient and effective at managing liquid and solid food waste streams and has processed over 4 million kilograms of food waste in field tests. Throughout the development of the Pulpmaster system, there has been a strong focus on minimising the use of water and power for the processing of food waste. The recently improved Pulpmaster 5000 version was released in October 2012. This updated machine has a number of improved features and is delighting our clients.